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Production flow, price list

Flow from request to delivery / billing


① Customer inquiries and quotations


If you are considering making a request, please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.


② Meeting about production


We will hear more about the details.

Hearings are conducted only by email.

Please note that we do not hold meetings over the phone or Skype.


We will propose touches of illustrations according to the content.

Consultation is free until a formal request is made.

③ Start rough production


I will make a rough picture to convey the image. We will send you a line drawing and simple coloring.


I will serve it as many times as I like until I am satisfied. Rough drawings are free. * Please refrain from using rough images as media or images.


④ Production production

If there is no problem after checking the rough, we will start production.  

⑤ Customer's check / correction


When the production is completed, we will send it by email or file transfer service.


☆ Correction is free up to once. Further correction costs will be incurred.


☆ In addition, if there is a major change from the rough stage, a correction fee will be incurred.


However, in the case of a correction that is not correct here, the correction fee will not be charged.


☆ Since we often draw pictures by hand, we may not be able to respond depending on the content of the correction.

However, we will do our best to support it in Photoshop. I've never been able to fix it in the past.


☆ If you redraw the whole thing, you will be charged 70-100% of the production fee in addition to the production fee.



⑥ Delivery / billing


Once the final confirmation is obtained, it will be delivered as it is.

We will send you the data in your desired format.

We will send you an invoice at a later date, so please make a payment to the designated bank account by the due date.

* For individual customers, we may ask you to make a payment first.

Price list (all prices do not include tax.)

 □ Logo mark design 50,000 yen ~  

□ Illustration production within A3 size 25,000 yen ~  

□ Design production using logo marks and illustrations (novelty items such as business cards / T-shirts) From 4,000 yen each

We will also handle the data production required for printing. * Please note that the printing fee is not included.


□ Mini illustration production (full color) 4,000 yen ~

It is a simple illustration that can be used for magazine illustrations and homepage icons.

-The copyright of the illustrations is transferred to the customer. The completed illustration can be used freely by the customer. * We may introduce it on our website.

-Illustrations are basically drawn in detail regardless of the size used.

Please note that even if the size used is small, it will not affect the quotation.

If you want to order cheaply because it is used in a small size, please consider making a mini illustration on the list.

・ All illustrations will be handed over as data. Please note that we do not accept hand-painted production.

・ All prices are approximate. Please see for reference. The actual price will be estimated based on the touch of the illustration and the amount of information, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to know the details.

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